Digital business card for quick distribution with a simple click.

Digital business card for quick distribution with a simple click.

Digital business card for quick distribution with a simple click.

Until recently, sales people, managers and business people used business cards designed from chrome paper or other types of paper, today there is a quality and modern solution that eliminates the need to print business cards. By purchasing a subscription to a computerized and digital business card, everyone can enjoy many benefits such as distributing the card quickly with a simple and simple push of a button, and advanced business card design with buttons and advanced links such as a button to navigate via Wizz to the business, sending a one-touch email Link to the YouTube channel where there are videos and clips of the business, dial with a quick click and so on.

An advanced and innovative card suitable for all smartphones

Anyone who has a smartphone can purchase a subscription from a company that specializes in the advanced service of digital business cards, the card can be conveniently designed with the help of an interactive interface that includes detailed explanations and examples. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for printing business cards from paper, you can purchase a subscription at an affordable cost and worth every penny, save on the printing costs of the business, and especially enjoy a smart and innovative business card that leaves a great impression and offers many benefits.

Save directly to contact list

When you receive a business card, it is customary to keep it in your wallet or business card album, sometimes you lose the card or it is damaged by water, coffee, dirt, and the like. A digital business card is easily sent from the smartphone by scanning QR-code or just by sharing on the web, so the customer or the person they meet can keep the card in their contacts. Whenever he wants to contact the company he opens the card and clicks on the action he wants to perform.

Using a digital business card you can navigate the business conveniently via an arrival link in Wise, you can call the company, send an e-mail or SMS, you can browse the business’s website, look at the business profile on Facebook, watch YouTube clips, and more. The details in the digital business card can be updated at any time and without restriction, and with the click of a button, the card can be distributed with maximum convenience.

In fact, the digital business card has many attractive advantages, so it is no wonder that most companies and business people abandon paper business cards and move to the new and smart card that gives them many benefits, including the image of a successful, up-to-date, and innovative business.

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